Why Baylor Scott and White Health

Baylor Scott and White Health includes 48 hospitals, more than 900 patient care sites, and over 8000 staff physicians. Baylor Scott and White Health is the largest non-profit health care system in Texas and the tenth largest in the United States. Baylor Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, TX is the referral center for the Central Texas division.

In the 2020 Fortune/IBM Watson Health rankings, Baylor Scott and White Memorial Hospital ranked in the top 100 hospitals in the country and #5 in the country for major teaching hospitals!

Here at Baylor Scott and White Memorial Hospital, we have 42 residency and fellowship programs and a 640 bed hospital. In addition, the Temple campus also houses Baylor Scott and White McLane Children’s Hospital with dedicated pediatric radiologists on staff. All of this allows our radiology residents the opportunity to see the diverse pathology needed to create radiologists that are able to function in any practice environment.

Baylor Scott and White Memorial Hospital is unique in the health care system as it continues its traditional structure envisioned by Drs. Scott and White as a multi-specialty clinic model for patient care. This model was initially championed by the Mayo Clinic and has been implemented successfully throughout the country in other places such as Cleveland Clinic and Ocshner Medical Center. Our department leaders, including Dr. Mark Montgomery and Dr. Travis Sincleair, participate in the “Clinic Club” between these and other health care systems that practice a clinic based model to help share ideas that improve delivery of care to our patients.

Another unique aspect of the Central Texas division is the association with the Scott and White Health Plan, which has been an integral component since 1982 and has been the recipient of many awards over the years. This partnership allows Baylor Scott and White Memorial Hospital to have a large patient catchment area that is comparable or greater than any major metro area.

Our Chairman, Dr. Montgomery, is also on the Board of Directors for the Scott and White Clinic and the Board of Governors for the entire Baylor Scott and White Health System. Through these additional leadership roles, he is able to provide a voice and representation for the Radiology department and our residency in executive decisions.

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