Living in Temple, Texas is very affordable with the yearly program salary. Most residents choose to own their home rather than rent, helping to develop equity early in their career.

Residents are eligible to participate in a 403B, which is a 401k for non-profit organizations such as Baylor Scott and White Health, and includes up to a 5% employee match. Baylor Scott and White Health as a non-profit organization also allows residents to complete five of the required ten years for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

Residents have access to affordable health insurance through the Scott and White Health Plan with average cost estimated at $30 per person. Residents also have free parking on any Baylor Scott and White Health campus.

Residents receive $5800 on top of their regular pay to attend American Institute of Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) in Washington, D.C. during their R3 year. AIRP is considered a vital portion of our residency program and residents are given the time to attend without use of their vacation.

Residents also receive a $500 book fund that they can use at any time. Residents also receive multiple scholarships to attend national conferences in the contiguous United States by both the institution and department for any accepted poster or presentation.

Our program offers multiple in-house moonlighting opportunities that do not require any additional licensing or insurance costs. Our moonlighting opportunities begin as an R2, which involves moonlight nursing where residents act as the interventional radiology nurse for any after hours procedure Monday through Thursday. Residents are paid $100 per night to hold the pager as well as $90 per hour once in-house. Additional moonlighting available to upper level residents includes after hours 5-9 pm reader that will read left over outpatient and inpatient CT studies during the week and a weekend neuroradiology shift where residents read all of the MRIs and CTs during the weekend days from 8 am to 6 pm. Both of these are reimbursed at $90 per hour. Residents are also able to participate on the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) team where they will add needed measurements to our CTAs prior to surgery for the cardiothoracic team and get reimbursed at $50 per study. Outside moonlighting is allowed for R4 residents but requires a Texas license and malpractice insurance.

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