Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR)

Our program offers two spots per resident class for ESIR. We have found this to be an ideal solution for our residents since it allows residents the ability to have a potentially integrated program without early commitment during medical school.

Our ESIR program is led by our Independent Residency in Interventional Radiology program director, Dr. Bradley Dollar. Residents apply at the end of their R2 year with the only pre-requisite being good standing with the Diagnostic Radiology program to be considered.

ESIR residents complete one month of vascular CTA interpretation, one month of musculoskeletal procedures and two additional two months of procedural interventional radiology during their R3 year. R4 residents will complete an additional three months of procedural interventional radiology, one month of musculoskeletal procedures, one month of neurointerventional procedures, and one month of CT and ultrasound guided procedures. R4 residents also will spend one month in the medical intensive care unit. All ESIR resident easily achieve the minimum 500 procedure requirements during their training.

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